Hospitable attentive

Sea Plaza — Blu Sky hotel has an excellent reputation in Haifa for the employment of quality staff, wholehearted and hard-working individuals, hospitable and attentive to your needs, questions and wishes. We’ve been working together as a team for many years. We serve our customers heartily, so they return time and time again.


The hotel was purchased by the current owners in January 2002, and they have made significant improvements in not only the structure, but the interior decor of the building, and aim to continue this through the coming years. We offer a very good value for the money throughout hotels in Haifa and in particular at Bat Galim neighbourhood.


We have a commitment to being the best in our field in service and customer satisfaction. Staff people can really make a difference between one hotel and another. We make each guest’s visit a favourable one.


Bruchim HaBaim, Welcome!