Sea Plaza - Blue Sky supports a Best Price Guarantee policy. This means that by placing your booking directly with us, we guarantee that you will pay the lowest possible price for your stay.

In the rare case that you find your rooms online at a lower rate, we would be glad to match that rate if you contact us within 24 hours of placing your reservation. We’ll quickly check the information, and once being verified, we’ll send you SMS or email confirmation containing a promo code for your purchase. Another option you might consider is to be refunded at your arrival.


Pay attention:


The lower price must be bookable online and must be still available when we check, provided that there is a perfect match on the:


  • Hotel match
  • Room type match
  • Check-in and Check-out dates
  • Exact booking conditions (breakfast, advance purchase, cancellation option etc.)


Our Best Price Guarantee Policy excludes sites which sell rooms through or in combination with:


  • Special membership rates
  • Frequent stay programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Other "reward" type of programs
  • Special coupon / voucher code-based membership programs and/or seasonal or last-minute flash sales promotions
  • Holiday Packages